This all began because life gave me lemons–a fact I am quick to recall when I’m overwhelmed and I want to scrap my new career path and start again. But it’s not fair for me to complain, to blame my life on the lemons. Everyone gets lemons from time to time, and besides, writing is something I’ve always wanted to try–dreamed of trying–way deep down. Writing is also something many people have told me I’m good at. Was it all flattery? That’s what I thought for a long time, and this belief was one of my many excuses for not trying this earlier. But you can only claim your friends are flattering you for so long before wondering if they’re either all in cahoots, or if they’re all earnest.

I began becoming a writer by taking some classes and, well, writing some stuff. But I told basically no one, not for a long time. It’s unlike my blogger self to withhold such an important event, and it led many people to wonder if I had quit my job last year to do…nothing. But as most anyone who gets migraines can tell you, it’s hard to do nothing for very long. It takes discipline. So I certainly wasn’t doing nothing, but I was afraid to admit that I had, in fact, not a clue what I was supposed to be doing.

Time has passed, and I still have only a foggy idea of what it means to “become a writer.” I have just a few classes under my belt, and my only work experience is in software, which is, perhaps, writing’s antithesis. But I’m going to keep at it. I’ll sink in this huge pile of lemons otherwise.

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