I’m Natalie, and this is my hilariously fraught journey into the world of writing.

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Fiction is scary.

I never really thought of myself a fiction writer, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. So when the class I wanted to take last winter–a journalism class–was cancelled, I decided to give fiction writing a fair shake. I enrolled in an intro to fiction class, which required me to read dozens of shortContinue reading “Fiction is scary.”

A question of categories

Here in San Francisco, if someone tells you they’re a barista, you ask at which coffee shop. There’s a big difference between Starbucks and Ritual. If someone tells you they’re a software engineer, you ask at which company. Do they support a scrappy underdog startup or have they “sold out” to a behemoth like Google?Continue reading “A question of categories”

My first failed pitch

Any writer who takes themselves seriously is working on a book, or that’s how it seems. And what’s worse, many writers want you to know they’re working on a book. This makes sense from a marketing perspective, I suppose, but after poring over many author profiles and personal essays and running a back-of-the-envelope cost/benefit analysis,Continue reading “My first failed pitch”

I’m becoming a writer?

This all began because life gave me lemons–a fact I am quick to recall when I’m overwhelmed and I want to scrap my new career path and start again. But it’s not fair for me to complain, to blame my life on the lemons. Everyone gets lemons from time to time, and besides, writing isContinue reading “I’m becoming a writer?”